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Cousins’ decision to sign with the Vikings sent the Jets to Plan B: Finding their Namath 2.0 in an intriguing incoming rookie class. To do that, New York felt compelled to surrender a trio of second-round picks to move up to the third overall selection — an expensive but sensible trade executed by general manager Mike Maccagnan, who had the sense to know he couldn’t afford to let the draft come to him at the sixth spot. wholesale jerseys.Those departed draft picks, by the way, were ultimately the cost of a three-game winning streak early last fall. On the plus side, Jets fans will always have that electrifying 17-14 win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 5. Goosebumps for days!Put simply: April 26 will be one of the most important and impactful days in recent franchise history … for better or worse. Maccagnan, whose last quarterback pick left him with a scarlet letter “H” on his lapel, won’t survive another miscalculation. Same for Todd Bowles, the rare coach who gets a fourth year on the job without a playoff appearance to his nfl jerseys china.If the Jets hit on their pick, it sets the franchise up for the foreseeable future during a time when the Patriots have a (brilliant) 40-something quarterback and, thanks to the Jimmy G trade, no succession plan in place. The Jets, like the rest of the AFC East, have been trying to get past the Patriots for almost two decades now. April 26 could be the day they finally make their move. They just have to pick the right guy.

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In late February, Johnson attended the scouting combine in Indianapolis, where Jets officials met with the four top quarterbacks. cheap football jerseys.Johnson said he sat in on the 15-minute sessions but didn’t ask any questions. You can bet he will take a more active role these next two days with Mayfield, who will be a consideration for the Jets with the No. 3 overall pick.Johnson and the Jets face a franchise-altering decision on April 26, so it only makes sense for the acting owner to spend time with the draft candidates. cheap jerseys.Mayfield’s ultra-confident personality can run some people the wrong way, and he also has a highly-publicized arrest on his record that is bound to come up in the conversation.

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